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August 19, 2021  

Coaching using immersion in nature

Switching off both physically and emotionally is vital for well-being. But when taking time out to reflect, assess and plan, how beneficial is it for our clients to be in a beautiful environment? Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter are coach Karen Liebenguth and her client Adeline O’Keeffe. Karen offers 1:1 coaching in one of London’s parks and green spaces, as well as coaching immersion days in nature on the south coast of the UK. Adeline finds coaching through immersion in nature helps her relax, reflect, assess and then do.

July 29, 2021  

Life Coaching within Top League Football

Top-class football players such as Ronaldo, Sancho and Kane, are known and revered across the globe. But what about the staff who strive hard behind the scenes? How can life coaching help them to perform and live well?  Joining host, Jenny Butter are Floss Andrews and her client Steve Weaver. Floss has worked within the sports industry for the past 20 years and currently provides life coaching for people who work in football. Her client, Steve Weaver is Head of Football Development at Norwich City.

June 30, 2021  

Cross-cultural coaching

Do you work with clients who are from a different cultural background to you? In this episode of Both Sides of the Coin, podcast host, Jenny Butter, gets some top tips on how we, as coaches, can develop our cultural intelligence, thus improving our coaching technique. She is joined by corporate executive coach Norman Grant and his client Henry Seals. Norman developed and runs courses on cultural intelligence and developing a global mindset for multinationals. His client, Henry Seals asked Norman to train his companys' international staff on adjusting and thriving in a Japanese environment.


May 25, 2021  

Can Do coaching

Do you and/or your clients live and breathe a 'can do' Attitude? Today we get top tips on how we, as coaches, can help our clients step up, shake it off and shine! Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter, are Gail Gibson and her client Delia Zanatta. Gail’s, CAN DO coaching is a simple, yet incredibly effective coaching technique which has led to life-changing transformation for business and corporate leaders across the globe. Gail’s client, Delia Zanatta, is building a technology business. Using the CAN DO Approach, Delia won through challenges in her mindset and thrives in her role as Founder & Co-CEO.

April 15, 2021  

Coaching week & Business best practice

International coaching week is coming up, May 17th 2021, how can we get involved? We also find out about what business practice is right for us. Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter, are Jerri Udelson and her client Hillary Price.  Jerri has often been called a “coaching pioneer and visionary.” She is the founder of International Coaching Week, now in its 23rd year and celebrated across the globe. Her coaching company, Entrepreneurial Coaching and Consulting, helps entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and real estate agents grow their businesses quickly and strategically, while also creating lives they love outside of work. Jerri’s client, Hillary Price is an insurance broker to high net worth individuals.  She’s been building a referral-based business and is very successful at it.   

April 1, 2021  

Mindset Priming - access a clients’ subconscious aspirations and fears…

“Mindset Priming does for coaching -  what colour did, for black-and-white TV  – it takes it to a whole new level”. That’s one of the bits of feedback received, about the mindset priming technique, which we learn about in this episode of Both Sides of the Coin. Joining host, Jenny Butter,  are Jeremy Glyn and Syliva Howe. Jeremy is an accredited coach and trainer, and author of “Achieving happiness is easy as ABC". He has developed an integrated approach to his work, called Mindset Priming, which enables coaches and therapists to work with their clients at a more profound level. Using the Mindset priming approach, coaches are able to access their clients' subconscious aspirations, hopes, beliefs, doubts, and fears… - and by addressing these, put people on the path to greater success and fulfillment.
Jeremy’s client, Sylvia Howe, specialises in communication. She has been a journalist, an editor and is working on her second novel. 

March 1, 2021  

How to stop your past ruining your future - top tips to help coaching clients

Many of our clients, and perhaps if we’re honest also ourselves, desire to improve our self-esteem and confidence so we can live happier lives. But where do we begin? In this episode, podcast host, Jenny Butter, speaks to David Rahman and his client Tracey Hill. For the past 17 years, David’s helped countless people overcome their self-esteem and confidence issues, enabling them to live happier lives. He’s an international keynote speaker, an Accredited Coach and has just written a book called "Let it Go – How to stop your past from ruining your future". His client, Tracey is a highly successful sales representative within the double glazing industry. She realised that her anxiety and low moods were affecting both her work and personal relationships, so decided to work with David to overcome her mental and emotional challenges.

February 4, 2021  

Goal setting - coaching fundamental.

As coaches, how can we help our clients unclutter their minds, make powerful decisions, and take inspired action? Today we’ll be going back to the coaching fundamental - goal setting. Joining host, Jenny Butter, are Sunday Marbach and her client Patricia Pollow. Sunday is a life coach and brings previous experience as a lay counsellor with her, to her role as a coach. 
Patricia works as a ‘passionate’ Teaching Assistant in a bilingual school in Zürich, Switzerland. She enjoys multitasking but found it didn’t help her accomplish her goals, hence she decided to work with Sunday to get on track.

January 1, 2021  

Helping clients thrive in 2021

It goes without saying that last year was a very hard year for millions of people across the globe. Hopes are high for 2021 but as coaches how can we help our clients thrive still within the parameters we face? Joining podcast Jenny Butter, are Tessa Armstrong and her client Jenny, another Jenny! Tessa is an award-winning accredited career coach and author.  Jenny worked as a Regional Fundraising Manager for the charity Help for Heroes but was made redundant due to the pandemic. Working with Tessa she now has a new vision which she is excited to achieve over this coming year.

November 25, 2020  

Coaching survivors of domestic abuse

Today is White Ribbon Day.  Thousands of people across the UK will stand up, speak out, and say no to violence against women. As coaches, we have a responsibility to work in best practice when coaching survivors of domestic abuse to ensure our clients move forward in a positive way.

Joining host, Jenny Butter on Both Sides of the Coin, is Louise Borthwick. Louise is a highly experienced psychological relationship coach and advocates for relationship health. She works with people who have been in difficult relationships and shares with Jenny some top coaching tips.

Remember that if you or someone you know is in distress in a domestic violence situation in the UK, you can dial 999, stay silent, then either cough or press 55, and police assistance will come to the address.

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