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May 24, 2022  

Coaching clients with creative brains

Do you or any of your clients have a creative brain? Those of us with ‘creative’ brains, when in full flow, can be intuitive, instinctive, quick, and brilliant. But on the flip side, sometimes the simplest of things just seem to overwhelm us and can be debilitating. In this month's podcast, we get some top tips on how to coach creative brains. Joining host, Jenny Butter, are Julia Caddick and her client Rebecca Duckworth. Julia is an accredited coach and specialises in coaching creative brains. Her client, Rebecca is a professional musician, choir trainer, and vocal coach.

April 27, 2022  

Coaching clients with suicidal thoughts

As a coach, how aware are you of the signs that a client may be considering suicide? Do you know what to ask and, what not to say? In this month's podcast, we get insight and top tips. Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter, are Dr Michael J Marx and coach Donnalea Barber. Michael is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and he has founded a non-profit called Coaching Suicide Awareness. Donnelea Barber has trained under Michael and specialises as an ADHD coach.

March 29, 2022  

Top Tips for leadership, executive and corporate coaches

To stay ahead, todays’ leaders at all levels of an organisation find they must do all they can to develop high-performing workforces who deliver world-class products and services, and that is where coaching has proved to be vital. Today, we get some top tips on executive, corporate and leadership coaching. Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter, are Monica Jonsson and her client Alberta Brusi. Monica is the author of a recently published book called: The Complete Corporate Coaching Toolkit - The Quintessential Guide for 21st Century Business Coaches and Leaders. Her client Alberta Brusi is Country Head for Citibank Luxembourg. 

February 28, 2022  

Top tips on coaching mid-career professionals

Do you work with clients who feel unseen, stuck or are no longer advancing at work? How as coaches can we help them take positive steps career-wise? In this month's podcast we get some top coaching tips. Joining host, Jenny Butter are Hulya Kurt and her client Jane. Hulya is a career coach based in Geneva who works with her clients who want to get promoted or make a positive change. Her client Jane has been working for the same corporation for several years and wanted some coaching to help her find a new role and direction.

January 28, 2022  

Coaching clients with perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? What about some of the clients you work with? How much of their judgment by the inner critique or overwhelm comes from perfectionism? Today, as coaches and mentors, we get some top tips on how to coach people who are perfectionists. Joining host, Jenny Butter, are Aylin Webb and her client Elizabeth. Aylin combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR Therapy, NLP and Coaching to enable her clients to learn to trust themselves once again. Her client, Elizabeth, is a teacher and over the last 9 months has felt anxiety on a variety of scales. 

December 9, 2021  

Improve confidence in public speaking - top tips

How confident do you feel when speaking in public? Whether running a group session, a webinar, a training day, or giving a presentation, public speaking is something that we, as coaches and mentors, need to do from time to time. And it can be scary! So how can we increase our confidence and know that what we say and do engages our audience in an inspiring way? Joining podcast host Jenny Butter, are Toby Wilson and Lenka Pagan. Toby is president of Worthing Speakers club in Sussex, UK, which is a part of Toastmasters International. Lenka is a Nutritional Therapist, a Senior Yoga Teacher, and Health Coach and she joined Toastmasters to improve her confidence and ability when speaking in public.


November 25, 2021  

Top mentoring tips from professional business mentors

Today on both sides of the coin we get some top mentoring tips from the best in the business. Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter, are Kerrie Dorman and her client Kim Gowing. Kerrie is the founder of the Association of Business Mentors and was voted 2019 ‘People’s mentoring champion’. She trains professional business mentors and one person she trained is Kim Gowing. Kim is the Chief Change Officer of her own change management consulting firm and alongside this currently professionally mentors seven women.

October 28, 2021  

Coaching on managing mindset through menopause

As a coach, have you ever addressed menopause and its wider impact on wellbeing or work performance, with a client? Today we get some top tips on how to help our clients manage mindset through menopause. Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter, are Gail Gibson, Ruby McGuire and Amanda Peet.
Gail Gibson and Ruby McGuire co-authored the book, ‘The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause, When The Heat is On, Don’t Sweat It!!' Amanda Peet loved the book and the top tips it gave her.

September 23, 2021  

Spiritual Coaching

How important is spirituality for you or your clients? Have you ever considered bringing it into your coaching practice, or having it as your coaching niche? In this month's podcast host Jenny Butter is joined by Andrew Dee and his client Wendy McKendrick. Andrew is a psychic, spirit medium, author, teacher, and retired British military officer. Andrew uses his previous life experience, his intuitive abilities as well as his connection with his spiritual guides to inspire his global clients to achieve their life’s ambitions. His client, Wendy McKendrick wanted Andrew to help her develop her spiritual abilities and has now started up her own business doing readings for clients.

August 19, 2021  

Coaching using immersion in nature

Switching off both physically and emotionally is vital for well-being. But when taking time out to reflect, assess and plan, how beneficial is it for our clients to be in a beautiful environment? Joining podcast host, Jenny Butter are coach Karen Liebenguth and her client Adeline O’Keeffe. Karen offers 1:1 coaching in one of London’s parks and green spaces, as well as coaching immersion days in nature on the south coast of the UK. Adeline finds coaching through immersion in nature helps her relax, reflect, assess and then do.

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